According to the International Model Association Secretary

According to the International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui the Suining economic Development Zone to attract foreign investment will focus on the docking electronics car camera projects in four areas: the touch screen, radiator, precision connector, notebook computer production and supporting enterprises; chip design, development, production and precision mold manufacturing, and other front-end enterprise; all kinds of electronic end-product enterprises; new light, new energy, new materials, high-tech enterprises. Focused around the needs of the petrochemical, power, steel, machinery, textiles, building materials, enhance the ability of IT support upgrading of traditional industries.

International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui analysis that capitalize on the trend of macro-policy support for China's automotive electronics industry, the development of medium and small enterprises of their own characteristics and advantages of industrial clustering.

Speaking of "Running", if you simply show a few days you can see a clear trend, of course, not a "Running", the brand image of the war, the effort is more outside the exhibition; for example, captured media Heights, sponsorship traditional means of various forums, new conference, and so let the eyes of the industry to focus on companies; network marketing is contested, Chang Lu, Desaixiwei enterprises is also a "microblogging" traditional "marketing in the ascendant, Reds ".

Su Bo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry pointed out that in talking about the "12th Five-Year" during the development of automobile industry, to actively guide the local and social investment, to encourage enterprise development and production of key auto parts, auto parts backbone enterprise of cross-regional merger and reorganization, cultivate key components of enterprise groups with Commodity mould international competitiveness.


Sichuan the Suining economic development zones since starting the year successfully signed two electronic projects, namely Shenzhen long Senyuan invest 2 billion yuan to build LED photoelectric Park, Zeng Guang Wei, Zou Junhui 30 million yuan investment in chip design, research and development; has lock the intention of 11 enterprises, of which six electronics companies, biopharmaceutical companies 3, two new materials, plans signed before the end of February the two electronics companies. Accelerate the development and promotion of industry solutions support the electronic tags (RFID), automotive electronics, machine tools, electronics, medical electronics, industrial control products and systems development and standard setting.

Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting considered and approved in principle by the electronic information industry restructuring and rejuvenation program.

If alone one or two events can reveal the corporate "bottom line" and intentions, inevitably biased, but to show as external window, can not readily view the industry, the prevalence of what wind, but also have value; 2012 year of the brand, this consensus to get more certainly in the minds of every business, has long been the brand value of "Libra", we can choose, as long as we look at a "Libra" weight heavier